Is it possible to coordinate dates for a company party online?

Yes, finding and coordinating dates can be done easily online. If you want to find a date for a company celebration (e.g. Christmas party) in coordination with the employees, you can create a short survey in which you offer several dates to choose from. The employees (participants in the survey) then have the opportunity to choose the date that suits them best.

When creating the survey, you can allow either a single or multiple choice, i.e. participants can choose either only one or several dates on which they have time.

If necessary, you can also implement the appointment query in such a way that participants can see which appointments have been clicked on most frequently by other participants. For this purpose, there is the question type “Deposited results” in the particular questions. The number of clicks already made for each answer option is shown as a percentage. This way, it is possible to follow live which dates have been chosen most often.