How can I see only completed participants in the evaluation?

Finished participations can be displayed with the filter function, you can filter for those participants who have finished the questionnaire. In some survey projects, only participant results that have completed the questionnaire can or may be taken into account for the evaluation. In this case, it is important to have a quick overview of this group of participants.

Note: In HeyForm, completed participants are those participants who clicked through to the last questionnaire page, regardless of completeness, i.e. how many questions were answered.

For quick filtering of the responses, the option “Only completed” is available. To do this, navigate to the “Evaluation” then “Overview” menu in your open survey.

As soon as you set this filter, the number of participants will be displayed in the overview and the data exports in both raw data export and export of the questions with charts and tables will adopt the filter so that you can download only this subset.

For filtering by completed participants in combination with other characteristics:

  • Click on “More Filters” (top right of “Terminated Only”).
  • For the “Terminated only” filter, first set the following using the drop-down fields: “Responder has terminated status”.
  • To add more filters, click the blue plus sign on the left and set the condition.
  • Set the entire filter by clicking on “Filter results”.

Note: The “multi-filter function” offers a wide range of options for filtering participant groups by attributes, by language of participants, by questions, pages, quotas, etc.