Digitizing forms, it works!

Despite the fact that we live in a time where almost everything is available digitally, many companies still work with paper forms. However, this time-consuming and error-prone way of working causes many problems. How can you solve this? online forms! Digitize forms, why? Why would you want to digitize forms as a company? The thought… Continue reading Digitizing forms, it works!

Measures to reactivate newsletter subscribers

Targeting Place display ads specifically for inactive subscribers. Facebook or Google AdWords offer corresponding possibilities. Important: A corresponding opt-in of the contacts must of course be available. Timing Vary the sending time significantly, for example from Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon. For each recipient, there are times when they are regularly out of the office… Continue reading Measures to reactivate newsletter subscribers

The Most Important Factors for Content Engagement

The web is full of great content. Everything is just one or two clicks away. Confronting users with mediocrity is therefore a waste of time. But how can you increase content engagement? The visitor’s intention Users rarely land on one of your pages because they slipped off the mouse. Usually, they have a specific intention.… Continue reading The Most Important Factors for Content Engagement